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Advanced Server Colocation

Our service plans range from rack space for a single 1U server with up to gigabit (1,000
megabits/second) Ethernet connectivity to cabinet spaces for several thousand, or more, servers.

Ourserver colocation network provides an OC192, Tier 1 Internet Backbone and direct connections with over five hundred (500) major national and international networks including AT&T, XO, Akamai, MSN, Level(3), etc. We offer affordable cabinets, dedicated servers, custom cage space and premium Tier 1 colocation bandwidth in the world's most desired colocation data centers and Internet exchange points.

We offer the following Tier 1 Internet Bandwidth options:

• T1 (1.5 megabits/second)

• Fractional T3 (45 megabits/second)

• Fast Ethernet (100 megabits/second)

OC3 (155 megabits/second)

• OC12 (622 megabits/second)

OC48 (2,488 megabits/second)

• GigE (1,000 megabits/second)

• WDM 10 gigabit Ethernet

• BGP4+ is available for any connection

All colocation packages include 24 Hour / 365 Day Full Physical Access and Same Day Setup with New Order Service. In addition, we also offer:

• Remote Access to Multiple Backbones
• The Most Flexible Services and Plans
• Instant Access to Tier 1 Technical Support
• Competent, Friendly, Expert Service and Staff
• UPS and Generator Backed Power
• Free 24/7 On Site Remote Hands Service

• Individually Locked Cabinets

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Server Colocation Internet Network

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*NOTICE* our current rates are too low to advertise!

Call 510-931-7979 now for absolute lowest rates!

$199 Call! 2u 2Amps 100Mbps - Fremont CA
$445 4u 4Amps 50Mbps - Reston VA
$745 Call! Full Cab 20Mbps - Fremont CA
$995 Call! 1,000Mbps on GigE (specify locations)
$895 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Fremont CA
$1,295 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Reston VA
$1,299 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Chicago IL
$1,795 Call! Full Cab 1,000Mbps - Fremont CA
$1,995 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Los Angeles CA
$2,599 Call! 1,000Mbps Core 2 Duo 160 Gig HD 2 Gig Ram

These are only a sampling of our *Special Offers* that change weekly. Call 510-931-7979 now for the latest weekly specials!

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