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FREE 24/7 Remote Hands

Our premium server colocation facilities offer on site free 24/7 remote hands. We have staff at our facilities around the clock ready to help you with your physical server colocation needs. Most, if not all other server colocation companies charge $100 per hour or more for remote hands service. But we include it for free! Many other companies don’t even have staff on site around the clock, but our staff is ready to help you around the clock, even at 3 a.m. on Christmas morning!

Most tasks you will need can be done remotely; however, if you need hot swappable hard drives changed or someone to log in with a local laptop and type a few commands to help you recover a server, or if you need us to set up your network and configure your base IP addresses, or you want to ship equipment to us and have us install it in your cabinets and configure network according to your instructions, all of this is included with our server colocation services at no additional change. With our on site 24/7 remote hands included, your company can rest assured that your physical needs are in good hands. Since 24/7 support is included for free, you can easily estimate your monthly server colocation expenses.

Rates Too Low To Advertise

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*NOTICE* our current rates are too low to advertise!

Call 510-931-7979 now for absolute lowest rates!

$199 Call! 2u 2Amps 100Mbps - Fremont CA
$445 4u 4Amps 50Mbps - Reston VA
$745 Call! Full Cab 20Mbps - Fremont CA
$995 Call! 1,000Mbps on GigE (specify locations)
$895 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Fremont CA
$1,295 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Reston VA
$1,299 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Chicago IL
$1,795 Call! Full Cab 1,000Mbps - Fremont CA
$1,995 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Los Angeles CA
$2,599 Call! 1,000Mbps Core 2 Duo 160 Gig HD 2 Gig Ram

These are only a sampling of our *Special Offers* that change weekly. Call 510-931-7979 now for the latest weekly specials!

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